The Christ-Centred Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones

the-christ-centred-preachingThe Christ-Centred Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Edited by Elizabeth Catherwood and Christopher Catherwood

This anthology, carefully compiled and edited by Lloyd-Jones’s daughter and grandson, begins with a general introduction to his life and ministry, followed by a selection of his sermons from the 1930s to the late 1960s, arranged in chronological order.  Each sermon is preceded by an introduction detailing when it was preached, what Lloyd-Jones was doing at the time, why the historical context gave rise to the sermon, More

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Respectable Sins

respectable-sinsRespectable Sins Student Edition
By Jerry Bridges

Are you a respectable sinner?

Christians talk a lot about sin, especially “bad stuff” such as doing drugs or stealing.  But what about the sins that Christians tend to overlook or tolerate in their own lives – “respectable” sins like pride, anger, and anxiety?

Jesus died to set us free from sin, even the sneaky, More

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How To Pick a Spouse

how-to-pick-a-spouseHow To Pick a Spouse
by Dan Chun

Anyone can get married.  The goal, however, should not only be to marry–” but to marry the right person.”  As a senior pastor, author Dan Chun worked exclusively with more than 5,000 singles, and of the hundreds who were married under his teaching, less than 10 percent got a divorce — far below the national average.  This book incorporates Pastor Dan’s principles, which provide practical and proven ways to pick a spouse, and is your guide to More

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The Grace Outpouring

the-grace-outpouringThe Grace Outpouring
By Roy Godwin & Dave Roberts

Imagine a house of prayer in every town. Imagine churches filled with Christians who pray and then stand back watch God change lives before their eyes. Imagine places around the world where God heals bodies and relationships, thinning the space between us and heaven. Get ready to do more than just imagine.

In the years since Roy and Daphne Godwin More

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Choose Love


Choose Love
By Stormie Omartian

We reflect God most clearly when we are motivated by the power of love in all we say and do.  But first we have to understand the depth of God’s love for us and receive it.  Then we must learn how to effectively express our love for Him.

“One of the many ways we can show our love to God is to deliberately choose to show love to others and in every situation,” says Stormie.   More

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Running On Empty

running-on-emptyRunning On Empty
by Jill Briscoe

Feeling burned out?  Unfulfilled?  Drained?

If so, you’re in good company.  Elijah’s ministry led him to exhaustion and depression; Hannah found midlife frustrating and barren; Moses struggled with difficult people.  By drawing important lessons from the lives of Bible characters and others like them, Jill Briscoe offers hope and comfort for those who are worn out and beat down.  With wit and candor, More

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The Power of God’s Names

the-power-of-God-namesThe Power of God’s Names
by Tony Evans

Sure, life has problems… but God has a name for each and every one of them.  As you explore the richness contained in the names of God used in Scripture, you will learn to trust the Lord’s goodness, rely on His promises, and live in His abundance.  You will see God’s power in a new light as your heavenly Father’s character becomes real to you in life-changing ways.

By studying and understanding the characteristics of God as More

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Taking God Seriously

taking-God-seriouslyTaking God Seriously
by Stuart Briscoe

It can be hard to pronounce these names, much less to understand the issues they wrote about.  In Taking God Seriously, seasoned pastor Stuart Briscoe examines each of the Minor Prophets, providing both helpful historical context, and demonstrating the relevance of each prophet’s message to believers today.

The Faithfulness of God HOSEA
The Day of the Lord JOEL   More

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How To Maximise Your Life

how-maximise-your-lifeHow To Maximise Your Life
by Brian Houston

Maximise Your Life is a compiled and revised edition of ‘the maximised life series’ by Brian Houston.  First published as five separate books, this complete collection brings together several biblical truths for living with purpose, building intimate and meaningful relationships and finding the balance to healthy living and wholeness.

You were not only born with divine purpose and destiny but you were also called to live it abundantly.  This book is about living your maximized life today.

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Experiencing the Spirit

experiencing-the-spiritExperiencing the Spirit
by Robert Heidler

Can you really know the Holy Spirit?  Without a doubt, you can, and Robert heidler reveals how you can experience His power and presence in ways you could never imagine.  Filled with inspiring testimonies and clear biblical teaching, Experiencing the Spirit is a practical guide that explains who the Holy Spirit is, how He moves, and the many ways He can work in your life.

Heidler draws on his own experiences to show how you can More

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