2015 July Promotions



7 Simple Choices for a Better Tomorrow

By Bob Merritt



Reckless Faith

By Kevin G. Harney

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By Eugene Cho

Many people today talk about justice but are they living justly?  They want to change the world but are they being changed themselves?

Eugene Cho has a confession: “I like to talk about changing the world but I don’t really like to do what it takes.”  If this is true of the man who founded the One Day’s Wages global antipoverty movement, More

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Praying Through The Names of God

praying-through-the-names-of-GodPraying Through The Names of God
By Tony Evans

Through the names of God, you gain insight into God’s character – and how each name represents a facet of His being that He wants you to know and trust.  For instance, when you understand that Jehovah Jireh means “the Lord your provider,” you can be assured of God’s provision for you.

In Praying Through the Names of God, Dr. Tony Evans reveals More

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Getting Ready For Marriage

getting-ready-for-marriageGetting Ready For Marriage
By Jim Burns & Doug Fields

Jim Burns and Doug Fields wish you the very best for your wedding, but sadly, they won’t be able to make it.  What they are here for is your marriage.  Jim and Doug have seen it all.  They have worked with many couples and have studied extensively to uncover the essential elements for making marriages thrive.  This book is their early wedding gift to you: a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate road map for beginning your union.   More

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How To Be A Best Friend Forever

how-to-be-a-best-friend-foreverHow To Be A Best Friend Forever
By Dr. John Townsend

Our world has diluted the meaning of friendship, but the reality is, there s nothing like the sustaining strength of true-blue, forever friends.  Still, many people are convinced that they’ll never find such lifelong connections or that they don’t need them.  In this encouraging book, best-selling author and psychologist John Townsend delivers hope and help for making these relationships a reality and for making them even better if you’ve already got a bestie.   More

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The Father You’ve Always Wanted

the-father-youve-always-wantedThe Father You’ve Always Wanted
By Ed Tandy McGlasson

It is a tragic reality that many people never experience the solid, positive presence of a loving father.  This lack of fatherly influence and care has deep ramifications for life, including how we interact with others, raise our own children, and understand God as Father.

But God promised that he would not More

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True Love Project

true-love-projectTrue Love Project
By Clayton and Sharie King

What would today’s world look like if teens embraced love as the gospel defines it?  How would it affect the future of our families, our society?

Answering that question is the life mission of Clayton King – a pastor and professor born to an unwed fifteen-year-old girl.  King sets out to prove that there is a better way, a way that is more pure, more satisfying, and more fulfilling than any “love” that society is selling.   More

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Why Suffering?

why-sufferingWhy Suffering?
By Ravi Zacharias & Vince Vitale

Why would a loving and powerful God allow so much pain and suffering?  In Why Suffering? Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale carefully walk you through a variety of responses that considered together provide a clear, comprehensive, and convincing answer.

Responses like:   More

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100% Christianity

100-percent-christianity100% Christianity
By Jago Wynne

We don’t have to have been a Christian for long before we realize how easy it is to live at times as though Jesus has had no impact on us.  After the first flush of delight in Christ’s love of us has waned, we have to admit that we are not that excited about being a Christian.  The passion has gone. We start doubting whether Christianity is really true and of infinite importance – rather than just a hobby for Sundays.  We end up feeling a fraud, a failure, or a fool.   More

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I Am Your Father

i-am-your-fatherI Am Your Father
By Mark Stibbe

Mark Stibbe is convinced that our society has been deeply damaged by absent, apathetic or abusive fathers.  Children without fathers are many times more likely to become both criminals and victims of crime.  The church can offer a solution – a healing relationship with our Heavenly Father – but many Christians have been poorly fathered and are still bound by the legacy of this wound.  I Am Your Father is designed to help Christians find More

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By Lance Ford

When you hear the word evangelical, do you think “good news”?  That’s what the word means, and it’s what we are meant to be.  Yet the surrounding culture often views us as exactly the opposite.  Calling yourself an evangelical too often means you are seen through a negative stereotype; people are apprehensive when they hear that an evangelical family has moved into the neighborhood.  But is this the way it has to be?  What would it look like More

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