The Grace of God

the-grace-of-godThe Grace of God
by Andy Stanley

The gift we don’t deserve.  The love we can’t believe.

“ Grace.  It’s what we crave most when our guilt is exposed.  It’s the very thing we are hesitant to extend when we are confronted with the guilt of others – especially when their guilt has robbed us of something we consider valuable.

Therein is the struggle, the struggle for grace.  It’s this struggle More

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An Unstoppable Force

an-unstoppable-forceAn Unstoppable Force
by Erwin Raphael Mcmanus

The world is changed by dreamers and visionaries.  But what about the church?  Is the church a welcome place for dreamers?  Erwin Raphael Mcmanus believes it is the place for dreamers.

Imagine a future where the church innovates and changes as fast as the globe changes around it.  In the spirit of the apostolic church, this body of believers welcomes diversity and radical sacrifice.   More

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Crash The Chatterbox

crash-the-chatterboxCrash The Chatterbox
by Steven Furtick

Inside your head and heart is a chatterbox.  Its lies are keeping you from realizing your God-given potential.  But what can you do about them?  The Voice You Listen to Will Determine the Future You Experience In Crash the Chatterbox, Pastor Steven Furtick focuses on four key areas in which negative thoughts are most debilitating: insecurity, fear, condemnation, and discouragement.  He asks, “What great deeds are in danger of remaining undone in your More

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Wounded By God’s People

wounded-by-god’s-peopleWounded By God’s People
by Anne Graham Lotz

Everyone has been wounded… hurt… neglected… by others.  But as Anne Graham Lotz looks back on her life, the sad truth is that her most painful wounds were inflicted by religious people – God’s people.  People she had grown to love and to trust.  But people whose words and behavior were inconsistent with what they said they believed.  Anne not only understands the wounded, she also understands how easy it is for the wounded to More

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by Mark Scandrette with Lisa Scandrette

Why does chasing the good life make us feel so bad?  We dream big and spend our money and time pursuing our dreams- only to find ourselves exhausted, deep in debt and spiritually empty.

In Free you’ll hear from Mark and Lisa Scandrette about how they live debt-free in one of the most expensive cities in the United States – and how they’ve enjoyed good relationships, good adventures and More

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FightFight : Winning the Battles That Matter Most
by Craig Groeschel

Author and pastor Craig Groeschel helps you uncover who you really are – a man created in the image of God with a warrior s heart – and how to fight the good fight for what s right.  You will find the strength to fight the battles you know you need to fight – the ones that determine the state of your heart, the quality of your marriage, and the spiritual health of your family.  Craig will also look at examples from the Bible, including our good buddy Samson.   More

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George Muller : Delighted in God

george-muller-delighted-in-GodGeorge Muller : Delighted in God
by Roger Steer

George Muller’s life is a powerful answer to modern scepticism.  His name has become a by-word for faith throughout the world. In the early 1830’s he embarked upon an extraordinary adventure. Disturbed by the faithlessness of the Church in general, he longed to have something to point to as ‘visible proof that our God and Father is the same faithful creator as he ever was’.  Praying in every penny of the costs, he supervised the building of three More

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Why I Am a Christian

why-i-am-a-christianWhy I Am a Christian
by John Stott

In a dark little chapel many years ago, a solitary schoolboy went in search of God and later gave his life to Christ.  It turned out to be the most significant step he was ever to take.  If it were not for Christ, he reflects, his would have been on the scrapheap of wasted and discarded lives.  Instead, his life was used to lead countless others around the world to that same new life, and into a deeper understanding of the One who More

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Calling Christian Leaders

calling-christian-leadersCalling Christian Leaders
by John Stott

John Stott found on his many travels that contemporary models of Christian leadership were often shaped more by culture than by Christ.  In stark contrast, he urges that our view be determined by our view of the church, not the other way round.  Focusing on 1 Corinthians 1 – 4, he demonstrates the centrality of the theme of ‘power through weakness’.  He explains the role of the Holy Spirit in God’s revelation, and examines four of Paul’s most striking models of ministry, each of which is an aspect of humility.   More

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Humble Orthodoxy

humble-orthodoxyHumble Orthodoxy
by Joshua Harris

In Humble Orthodoxy, best-selling author Joshua Harris examines New Testament teachings about the calling of believers to a love-infused courage that ignores foolish controversies, patiently endures evil, and champions truth with generosity of spirit.  Without this kind of humility, Harris asserts, we become like the Pharisees-right in our doctrine, but ultimately destroying the cause of truth with our pride.  Orthodoxy, for the faithful, More

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