2014 July Promotions

a-visual-history-of-the-king-james-bibleSPECIAL PROMO: RM39.90 Nett [Hard Cover]

A Visual History Of The King James Bible


by Donald L. Brake

hope -for-parents-of-troubled-teensSPECIAL PROMO: RM14.90 Nett


Hope For Parents Of Troubled Teens


by Connie Rae

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5 Steps To Breaking Free From Porn

5 Steps To Breaking Free From Porn5 Steps To Breaking Free From Porn
by Joe Dallas

You know the problem… the magnetic pull… the ensuing guilt and the resolve to never view pornography again – until you’re lured once again into the repetitive cycle.

If that’s you, you’re not alone.  Porn has become so commonplace, even among Christians, that its use has woven itself into the daily lives of countless men and women, disrupting marriages and More

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Rethinking Retirement

rethinking-retirementRethinking Retirement
By John Piper

Retirement.  They say it’s your reward for all those years of labor: “Trade in your time card!  Sit back and enjoy!  Golf-course comforts and beachfront leisure await!”  But sexagernarian John Piper counters with a plea that hopes all fellow baby boomers will echo: “Lord, spare me this curse!”   With millions of Christians formally retiring with a good twenty years ahead of them, what will it mean to live those final years for the glory of Christ?   More

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Praying The Lord’s Prayer

praying-the-lords-prayerPraying The Lord’s Prayer
by J.I. Packer

Praying is a problem for many people.  Christians often go through the motions of prayer because it is expected of them, but they are often left wondering, “Did God hear me?  Does he even care?”

In his book Praying the Lord’s Prayer, an excerpt from Growing in Christ, J. I. Packer presents a powerful truth: prayer is More

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Made to Crave

Made to Crave
For Young Women: Satisfying Your Deepest Desires with God
by Lysa TerKeurst & Shaunti Feldhahn

What do you crave to make you happy?  … every day is filled with things we want and crave.  Things that will make us feel good at least for a moment.  But what happens when that moment is gone and the need returns?  There’s nothing wrong with wanting certain things, but God didn’t create us to rely on those things to make us happy.  He created us to crave Him, More

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Sometimes You Win – Sometimes You Learn

sometimes-you-win-sometimes-you-learnSometimes You Win – Sometimes You Learn
by John C. Maxwell

New York Times bestselling author John C. Maxwell teaches readers how to turn every loss into a learning experience.

John Maxwell believes that the greatest lessons we learn in life are from our losses.  Everyone experiences loss, but not everyone learns from it.  In SOMETIMES YOU WIN – SOMETIMES YOU LEARN, Dr. Maxwell explores the most common lessons we learn when we experience loss.  He then explains More

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Keeping The 10 Commandments

Keeping The 10 Commandments
By J.I. Packer

They are often mistakenly considered God s rules – his outdated list of do’s and don’ts that add up to a guilt-ridden, legalistic way of life.  But as beloved author and Bible scholar J. I. Packer probes the purpose and true meaning of the Ten Commandments, you ll discover that these precepts can aptly be called God s blueprint for the best life More

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The Gospel In Genesis

the-gospel-in-genesisThe Gospel In Genesis
By Martyn Lloyd-Jones

In this series of never-before-published sermons, beloved teacher Martyn Lloyd-Jones walks readers through the early chapters of Genesis.  The Gospel in Genesis starts with the fall of man and ends with the call of Abram as it examines portions of chapters 3-12.  Along the way Lloyd-Jones talks of serpents and sin, of the Word of God and the Babel of man.  But the destination of The Gospel in Genesis is clear: readers will be moved from fig More

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Affirming The Apostles’ Creed

Affirming The Apostles’ Creed
J.I. Packer

The Apostles’ Creed is the oldest, most beautiful succinct summary of Christian beliefs.  Though often recited in unison during worship services, the creed begins with the phrase “I believe,” making it a deeply personal profession of faith.  But when was the last time you examined it closely?

In Affirming the Apostles’ Creed, an excerpt from Growing in More

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The Global Orphan Crisis

TThe Global Orphan Crisis he Global Orphan Crisis
by Diane Lynn Elliot

God’s call to care for the orphaned and vulnerable children of the world is not easy or comfortable.  And it will require willingness, commitment and sacrifice.  The more you know about the global orphan crisis the more your heart will break and it will cause you to want to do something… anything… to make the life of an orphaned child a little easier.

The need is overwhelming, but if you are willing, More

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