2016 Mar Promotions


Hidden In Plain Sight

By Boyd Seevers


A Radical Faith
Essentials For Spirit-Filled Believers

by James W. Gol


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作者: 喬依絲.邁爾 (Joyce Meyer)


數千年來,人類不停在問這些問題。答案其實很簡單,只是並非人人都能接受。人生在世就是要享受神並遵行祂的旨意。大多數人只對神能為他們做什麼有興趣,這些人其實應該要問:神能透過我做什麼?  More

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The Hope Quotient

the-hope-quotientThe Hope Quotient
By Ray Johnston

The Hope Quotient is a revolutionary new method for measuring ― and dramatically increasing ― your level of hope.  Hope is more than a feeling; it’s the by-product of seven key factors.

When these are present in your life, they cause hope to thrive.


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Side By Side

side-by-sideSide By Side
By Edward T. Welch

Practical Guidance for Loving Others Well

Everyone needs help from time to time, especially in the midst of painful circumstances and difficult trials.  In this short book, a highly respected biblical counselor and successful author offers practical guidance for all Christians – pastors and laypeople alike – who want to develop their More

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Just Rise Up!

just-rise-upJust Rise Up!
By Sarah Francis Martin

Sarah remembers the exact moment when the relationship between her faith and her entire life came into clear focus.  Sitting in her favorite red chair with a comfy blanket and a cup of hot tea, she snuggled in with her Bible and a new book.  The book was huge, several hundred pages long, and yet it didn’t intimidate her.  Written by the beloved Chuck Colson, How Now Shall We Live? focused the lens of Sarah’s life and spelled out a segregation that she had More

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This Is The Life!

this-is-the-lifeThis Is The Life!
By Warren W. Wiersbe

You have received an inheritance of joy, peace, and grace – so live like it!

When we are redeemed by Christ, we are given new life.  A life of pervading joy, persistent grace, and promises kept.  Yet we so often live as if we must trudge on day by day, just getting by until we reach a heavenly reward.  We let the things of this world determine our outlook, attitude, and actions.   More

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The Daring Heart of David Livingstone

the-daring-heart-of-david-livingstoneThe Daring Heart of David Livingstone
By Jay Milbrandt

Saint?  Missionary?  Scientist?  Explorer?

The titles given to David Livingstone since his death are varied enough to seem dubious and with good reason.  In view of the confessions in his own journals, saint is out of the question. Even missionary is tenuous, considering he made only one convert.  And despite his fame as a scientist and explorer, Livingstone left his most indelible mark on Africa in an More

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All The Places To Go

all-the-places-to-goAll The Places To Go
By John Ortberg

Very rarely in the Bible does God command someone to “Stay.”  He opens a door, and then he invites us to walk through it – into the unknown.  And how we choose to respond will ultimately determine the life we will lead and the person we will become.  In fact, to fail to embrace the open door is to miss the work God has made for us to do.  In “All the Places to Go… How Will You Know?,” bestselling author John Ortberg opens our eyes to the countless doors More

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The Gospel Of Ruth

the-gospel-of-ruthThe Gospel Of Ruth
By Carolyn Custis James

Traditionally, the book of Ruth is viewed as a beautiful love story between the submissive Ruth and Boaz, the Kinsman Redeemer.  But when author Carolyn Custis James began digging deeper, she found startling revelations.  Three lives converge in a powerful alliance that transforms their lives and changes the world.  Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz discover God makes much of broken lives, that he calls men and women to serve him together, and that he’s counting More

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Beloved Dust

beloved-dustBeloved Dust
By Jamin Goggin and Kyle Strobel

We were formed from the dust, but we were made for life with God. We often accept less.  We make promises and set goals to try and grow, but holiness seems impossible.  But the Christian life is not about looking or feeling like a Christian.  It’s about abiding in God.

If communion with God is your goal, self-help strategies and personal resolutions will fail you. But Jesus Christ will not.   More

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Kept For Jesus

kept-for-jesusKept For Jesus
By Sam Storms

Can Christians lose their salvation?

This question has perplexed – and distressed – believers for centuries.  When faced with our sin and shortcomings, sometimes we’re tempted to conclude that we’ve strayed too far and that God no longer loves us.

In Kept for Jesus, pastor Sam Storms addresses common More

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