2016 Mar Promotions


Hidden In Plain Sight

By Boyd Seevers


A Radical Faith
Essentials For Spirit-Filled Believers

by James W. Gol


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Beloved Dust

beloved-dustBeloved Dust
By Jamin Goggin and Kyle Strobel

We were formed from the dust, but we were made for life with God. We often accept less.  We make promises and set goals to try and grow, but holiness seems impossible.  But the Christian life is not about looking or feeling like a Christian.  It’s about abiding in God.

If communion with God is your goal, self-help strategies and personal resolutions will fail you. But Jesus Christ will not.   More

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Kept For Jesus

kept-for-jesusKept For Jesus
By Sam Storms

Can Christians lose their salvation?

This question has perplexed – and distressed – believers for centuries.  When faced with our sin and shortcomings, sometimes we’re tempted to conclude that we’ve strayed too far and that God no longer loves us.

In Kept for Jesus, pastor Sam Storms addresses common More

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Glory Hunger

glory-hungerGlory Hunger
by JR Vassar

Everyone wants to be significant.  To a certain extent, this is natural and good, evidencing our God-given desire for meaning and purpose. However, our longing for significance can easily twist into an insatiable craving for approval, recognition, and praise – and, if left unchecked, this craving will enslave us.  In Glory Hunger, pastor JR Vassar challenges Christians to reevaluate their priorities when it comes to leaving a legacy, pointing to the gospel as the key More

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Christianity Lite

christianity-liteChristianity Lite
By Glen Berteau

We need more than a diluted, decaffeinated faith.
We need the real thing.

Almost every food and beverage today also has a “lite” version–potato chips, whipped cream, maple syrup, soda, beer…  You may even remember an ad campaign for a light beer a few years back, “Tastes great.  Less filling.”   More

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The God-First Life

the-god-first-lifeThe God-First Life
By Stovall Weems

A simple and sustainable path to a deep and satisfying walk with Christ

There are thousands of how-to books for improving various areas of life?self, relationships, finances, fitness, business, marriage, family.  And there are nearly as many books written for believers offering a framework for the “right” approach to a new life in God.   More

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10:10 Life To The Fullest

10-10-life-to-the-fullest10:10 Life To The Fullest
By Daniel Hill

We all feel it at one time or another – that there is something profoundly and dreadfully missing in our lives.  We look to the world and find no satisfaction.  We look within and yet come up empty.  We look to religion, and still we cannot fill the void.

Jesus said that he came that we might have life. Abundant life.  Life to the full.  So why do even fervent followers of Jesus sense that some vital and fundamental part of life is elusive? Was it just an empty promise?    More

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By Tony Merida

What if the path toward an extraordinary life is becoming more ordinary?

Ordinary is not a call to be more radical.  If anything, it is a call to the contrary.  The kingdom of God isn’t coming with light shows, and shock and awe, but with lowly acts of service.  Tony Merida wants to push back against sensationalism and “rock star Christianity,” and help people understand More

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Church Planting By The Book

church-planting-by-the-bookChurch Planting By The Book
By E. Elbert Smith

With detail and precision, Church Planting by the Book identifies common threads between the first nine churches featured in Acts and modern church planting practices.  Elbert Smith sculpts a biblical model of a healthy church and highlights narrative passages that identify how the Holy Spirit guided New Testament church planters and continues to guide us today.  Church Planting by the Book returns to biblical basics to step forth as the essential guide to church planting both at home and abroad.

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Waiting For Your Prince

waiting-for-your-princeWaiting For Your Prince
By Jackie Kendall

You are beautiful, valuable, and completely unique from anyone else who has ever lived in history!

If this is really true, why would we want to act like everyone else – especially the world?

In Waiting for Your Prince, Jackie Kendall encourages you to live More

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The Meaning Of Marriage

the-meaning-of-marriageThe Meaning Of Marriage
By Tim Keller

Based on the acclaimed sermon series by New York Times bestselling author Timothy Keller, this book shows everyone – Christians, skeptics, singles, longtime married couples, and those about to be engaged – the vision of what marriage should be according to the Bible.

Modern culture would have you believe that everyone has a soul mate; that romance is the most important part of a successful marriage; More

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