2016 Jul Promotions


Secrets To Parenting Your Adult Child

By Nancy Williams


 My Generation

by Josh James Riebock

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作者: 王樵一 (Joy Wang)

德雷莎修女於1910年8月16日,誕生在馬其頓。 原名愛格妮斯,父母都是虔誠的天主教徒。受母親影響,愛格妮斯從小便很關心窮人,甚至對貧窮有非常獨特的見解。

愛格妮斯高中畢業後決定加入修女會,經過修女院一連串的訓練之後,愛格妮斯正式成為德雷莎修女。 德蕾莎修女隨即被派往加爾各答的聖瑪莉中學,擔任地理和歷史課程教師。 但在校園之外德雷莎修女看到到處是無家可歸的人,重病、 More

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作者: 海瑟.克拉克 (Heather Clark)

「那時,處女必歡樂跳舞;年少的、年老的,也必一同歡樂;因為我要使他們的悲哀變為歡喜,並要安慰他們, 使他們的愁煩轉為快樂。」(耶利米書卅一章13節)

神的兒女將釋放內心想以舞蹈敬拜神的渴望,一窺用跳舞敬拜、爭戰、代禱的奧祕! 不論是得勝的舞蹈或醫治、破除牆垣的舞蹈,你會發現聖經裡的舞蹈多麼令人振奮、多麼充滿樂趣!你也將明白,聖經裡的舞蹈可能成為基督徒得勝生活的一部分。  More

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abrahamAbraham: One Nomad’s Amazing Journey of Faith
By Charles R. Swindoll

When we rewind history back to Abraham’s era, we encounter people who concocted false superstitions to explain the unexplainable.  Powerful kings claimed to be gods, building massive pyramids to achieve immortality.  Out of this mass of misunderstandings, one man emerged.

The man we know today as Abraham not only claimed that one More

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The Person Called You

the-person-called-youThe Person Called You
By Bill Hendricks

“I can’t stand my job anymore.”
“I feel like I have no direction.”
“What should I do with my life?”

Sound familiar?  If so, you’re not alone.  Barna Group finds that 75% of Americans are seeking ways to live more meaningful lives.  And among More

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作者: 史提芬.曼菲爾 (Stephen Mansfield)

葉光明不僅是二十世紀享譽卓著的聖經教師,更是有史以來最大規模之基督徒運動的教父級人物。 六十多年的服事生涯,葉光明透過錄音帶、書籍與遍及全球的數千場聚會,觸摸了無數的心靈。

本書深入探索葉光明令人驚奇的一生,包括:  More

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作者: 桑戴.阿得拉加 (Sunday Adelaja)

桑戴.阿得拉加牧師在兩年之內成功協助兩百個貧困潦倒的人成為百萬富翁! 他的方式就是教導這些人如何以建造、拓展神的國為中心,將神的原則應用在個人財務上。 在這本書裡,你可以明白他們是如何辦到的,這是引人通往真正富足和經濟自由必備的指南。

當你明白神在財務方面的原則,你就可以控制金錢,而不被金錢控制。 在這本實用且鼓舞人心的指南裡,阿得拉加牧師結合了聖經的真理、財務的建議, More

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The Road We Must Travel

the-road-we-must-travelThe Road We Must Travel: A Personal Guide for Your Journey
By Francis Chan, Eugene Peterson and Bill Hybels

Navigating Uncharted Territory?

Do you ever wish you had a map of your life with a highlighted route telling you where to go?  Do you wish you could ask a mentor for advice about how to get through the roadblocks in your way?

The Road We Must Travel brings you thirteen seasoned companions More

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The Organized Heart

the-organized-heartThe Organized Heart
By Stacin Eastin

Disorganized?  You don’t need more rules, the latest technique, or a new gadget.  The fight against chaos is universal, whether it be the outward chaos of disorder and frenzy or the inward chaos of fear and self-criticism.  Even if we already know how to do better, something falls apart between our good intentions and getting it done.

Most books on organization just add more rules to your life, More

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作者: 亞設.因崔特 (Asher Intrater)



有一個人物不時出現在整本希伯來聖經中,他有時被稱為耶和華的使者,有時被認作神自己,有時又稱為人子,我們因此必須探索舊約的耶和華使者與新約的耶穌之間的關聯,   More

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By Simon Vibert

We long for control, but cannot attain it. We aim for perfection, but it keeps eluding us. We want to be productive and creative, but if we’re honest, we spend too much time on unfocused, mind-numbing activity.

No wonder we’re stressed. But God is not stressed. He knows the end from the beginning. All things are under his wise and sovereign control. However, the glorious world that he made is in rebellion against him.   More

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