2015 Easter Greetings


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The Measure of Success

the-measure-of-successThe Measure of Success
Uncovering the Biblical Perspective on Women, Work, and the Home
McCulley, Carolyn; Shank, Nora

Should a woman work?  Can a woman be feminine, godly, and ambitious?  Is work only for women who need the income?  Is there any sanctified ground between the stay-at-home mom and the aspiring executive?

Whether you are married or single, young or old, and whether you work inside the home or in the marketplace, Carolyn and Nora More

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Voice of a Prophet

voice-of-a-prophetVoice of a Prophet
Who Speaks For God?
By A.W. Tozer

When A.W. Tozer was a young preacher newly ordained into the ministry, he wrote a prayer that he published 30 years later under the title The Prayer of a Minor Prophet.  Fifty years after his death, Dr. Tozer’s prophetic writings and sermons continue to deliver God’s Word to His people.  The test of a prophet is that his message transcends generations; More

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His Word in My Heart

his-word-in-my-heartHis Word in My Heart
Memorizing Scripture For a Closer Walk With God Paperback
By Janet Pope

Are you desperate to have God and His word as a constant source of nourishment for your weary soul?

This book proposes something different than memorizing random scattered verses with fragmented truth.  Rather, it is a way to get to know God by memorizing sequential verses in their contexts, More

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The Fabric Of Faithfulness

the-fabric-of-faithfulnessThe Fabric Of Faithfulness
By Steven Garber

All kinds of important choices are made during the college years.  Young men and women explore what they really believe about the nature of the world and the purpose of life.  They choose their work.  They build friendships and often choose to marry.  They develop goals and adopt habits that may last a lifetime.

Yet late modernity is not a welcome environment for emotional, intellectual and spiritual formation.  Society is increasingly More

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The Truest Thing About You

the-truest-thing-about-youThe Truest Thing About You
Identity, Desire, and Why It All Matters
By Lomas, David; Jacobsen, D. R.

There are many true things about you – true things you use to build an identity. Parent. Introvert.  Victim.  Student.  Extrovert.  Entrepreneur.  Single.

These truths can identify you, your successes and failures, your expectations and disappointments, your secret dreams and hidden shames.  But what if your true identity isn’t found in any of these More

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I Will Be Found By You

i-will-be-found-by-youI Will Be Found By You
Reconnecting With the Living God – the Key that Unlocks Everything Important
By Frangipane, Francis

In his forty-three years of seeking after God, Francis Frangipane has learned one simple (yet essential) truth …

It is in seeking God, that we actually find Him.

The deliberate movement of our hearts toward God leads us More

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The Insanity of Obedience

the-insanity-of-obedienceThe Insanity of Obedience
Walking With Jesus In Tough Places
By Nik Ripken with Barry Stricker

Wise Sheep Among the WolvesAll Christian disciples have one thing in common: as they carry the gospel across the ocean and across the street, persecution will become the norm for those who choose to follow Jesus.  How believers respond in the face of persecution reveals everything about their level of faith and obedience.  The Insanity of Obedience is a bold challenge to More

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Crazy Busy

crazy-busyCrazy Busy
A (Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem
By Kevin DeYoung

“I’M TOO BUSY ” We’ve all heard it. We’ve all said it.  All too often, busyness gets the best of us.  Just one look at our jam-packed schedules tells us how hard it can be to strike a well-reasoned balance between doing nothing and doing it all.  That’s why award-winning author and pastor Kevin DeYoung addresses the busyness problem head on in his newest book, Crazy Busy More

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God’s Dream for You

god-dream-for-youGod’s Dream for You
Finding Lasting Change in Jesus
By Matthew Barnett

If you knew that God Himself has a dream for your life, wouldn’t it be worth finding out what it might be?  Most of us begin our lives with a dream.  But for many, those dreams get lost in the disappointments and clutter of life.  Whether your dream or the dream of someone you love More

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