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Christians In The Age Of Outrage

Christians In The Age Of Outrage
How To Bring Our Best When The World Is At Its Worst
By Ed Stetzer

Are you tired of reading another news story about Christians supposedly acting at their worst?

Today there are too many examples of those claiming to follow Christ being caustic, divisive, and irrational, contributing to dismissals of the Christian faith as hypocritical, self-interested, and politically co-opted.  (more…)

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《智慧之书》  God’s Wisdom For Navigating Life
作者: 提摩太.凯勒 & 凯西. 凯勒   Timothy Keller & Kathy Keller

箴言是上帝的智慧之书,讲述了如何活出一个人的日常生活以及做出以上帝为中心的选择。 在这一年的灵修日程中,从箴言书不同的经文里,提摩太.凯勒每天提供给读者一个既新鲜又发人深省的功课。向来以学识渊博著称的凯勒,不仅是揭开箴言中丰富的洞见与艺术般的诗体,也引领我们走向生命的异象:道德、实际、公义。《智慧之书》是一本读者可以日复一日,年复一年来回味的,来跟上帝和他人滋养更深、更满足的关系。此书跟凯勒的《耶稣之歌》(以诗篇为主的灵修日程)一书是绝佳的配搭。

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《品格的革命》 –  重塑属天的生命   
Revolution Of Character: Discovering Christ’s Pattern For Spiritual Transformation
作者: 魏乐德    Dallas Willard

「你所相信的主耶稣,其实是个超级革命份子! 」

早在两千多年以前,耶稣就发起了一场世界性的革命。当祂说:「我来了,是要叫羊得生命,并且得的更丰盛」(约翰福音十10),绝对不是在呼喊一个虚有其表的宗教口号,而是在宣告一个改变生命、改变世界的真实盼望。 (more…)

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Holy Noticing

Holy Noticing : The Bible, Your Brain, And The Mindful Space Between Moments
By Charles Stone

Does your life ever feel like one series of rushed moments after another?

Do you want to feel more present and connected to those you love?  Do you want to be able to listen without thinking the whole time of what you’re going to say next?  Do you want to feel less distracted, less busy, and more whole?  Most of us spend our distracted lives longing to get to the next, better moment and fail to notice the present one.  We lack space between one task and the next, (more…)

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Wretched Saints

Wretched Saints : Transformed By The Relentless Grace Of God
By Noel Jesse Heikkinen

“The truth of the gospel of Jesus,” Heikkinen writes, “is that I am nothing more than a wretch and so much more than a saint.”  Have you ever wondered if God could really save you?  Have you ever thought grace might not be enough?  In Wretched Saints, Heikkinen reveals the rough and beautiful side of grace so clearly that readers face up to the scars of sin – and have a renewed, startling realization that God’s incredible gospel is true.  (more…)

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《耶稣之歌》  The Songs Of Jesus
作者: 提摩太.凯勒 & 凯西. 凯勒  Timothy Keller & Kathy Keller


二十多年前,提摩太.凯勒开始了每月研读一次整卷诗篇。基于他累积多年的研究和洞见,以及记录于其祷告日志里的启示,凯勒撰写了《耶稣之歌》一书。卡西.凯勒则是在长期卧病期间,以研读诗篇来做为支持。他们将诗篇每节的含意去芜存菁,邀请读者一同进入 (more…)

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《你说耶稣是谁》  Jesus The Radical
作者: 法兰士  R. T. France


因此,法兰士把耶稣放回耶稣的时代背景来介绍,因为惟有从这个视角, (more…)

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More Of God

More Of God : Seek The Benefactor, Not Just The Benefits
By R.T. Kendall

Many of us want more from God instead of more of God.

Matthew 5:6 says, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”  This is a promise.  No one needs to tell you if the water you drank when you were thirsty made you feel better.  So too with experiencing God.  When it happens, you will know it for yourself.  (more…)

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Yes, No, & Maybe

Yes, No, & Maybe : Living With The God of Immeasurably More
By Wendy Pope

Family. Home. Work. Church. It’s good, but is it as good as it gets? Find more at the intersection of God’s Word and our obedience to it.

For many women, life can be full with family needs, home duties, work obligations, and church service. Does it feel like you’re doing everything you should be doing, yet something’s still missing? Does it feel like there should be more?  (more…)

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《成为新创造》  Grappling With Your Identity: Clinging To The Rock
作者:方莉恩   Lynne Fox

「我一生惟一的遗憾,就是我不是另一个人。 」一位电影名人曾说过这句话。这也是你的遗憾吗?

大多数人不是高举自己,就是容易轻看自己;不是自尊心膨胀,就是充满自卑感。我们往往在这两端中摆荡。我们甚至会去认同自己做过的每一件丑事,以为是缺点定义了自己。其实每个人都需要一个新自我,我们需要成为一个新创造。 (more…)

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《十架上的6小时》  Six Hours One Friday
作者:路卡杜    Max Lucado



十架却说,我们是神所爱的儿女,生命并非虚空; (more…)

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The Common Rule

The Common Rule : Habits of Purpose For An Age of Distraction
By Justin Whitmel Earley

Habits form us more than we form them.  The modern world is a machine of a thousand invisible habits, forming us into anxious, busy, and depressed people.  We yearn for the freedom and peace of the gospel, but remain addicted to our technology, shackled by our screens, and exhausted by our routines.  But because our habits are the water we swim in, they are almost invisible to us.  What can we do about it?  The answer to our contemporary chaos is to (more…)

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