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Simply Spirit-Filled

Simply Spirit-Filled
By Andrew K. Gabriel, PhD

What stands between you and living an authentic Spirit-filled life?

Do you want to experience the Holy Spirit more but are afraid of what that truly means?

In Simply Spirit-Filled, internationally acclaimed theologian Andrew Gabriel says if you want to experience all the Holy Spirit has to offer, you must (more…)

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《温柔护教学》  The Allure Of Gentleness
作者:魏乐德  Dallas Willard

柴斯特顿(G. K. Chesterton)曾经用softening这个字,语带双关地说:「一个人心不温柔,他最终会失去理智。 」


《温柔护教学》告诉我们,护教是带着温柔的心肠,用理智向怀疑者 (more…)

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《正向幸福学》  Better Way To Think
作者:诺曼.莱特 H. Norman Wright




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We Would See Jesus

We Would See Jesus
By Roy and Revel Hession

A companion to the best-selling classic The Calvary Road, We Would See Jesus teaches that Jesus be the center of every Christian life.  Authors Roy and Revel Hession paint a refreshing portrait of Jesus, in whom all needs of human hearts are met.  The two remind us that we must look no further than His face to see God and know Him as He really is.  Dive into We Would See Jesus and discover God’s provision for you in Christ! Paperback.


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Surrender: Learning To Navigate Life’s Deep Waters With Christ As Your Guide
By John Stanley

In Surrender, John Stanley encourages readers in the call upon every Christian’s life to daily die to self and surrender – in salvation and in every single circumstance.  Expertly weaving together Scripture, personal anecdotes, and a white-water rafting story, John explores what a truly surrendered life can look like, and how that provides a new outlook on what it means to live a satisfied, joyful life.


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《工作魅力》  Every Good Endeavor
作者:提摩太.凯勒、凯萨琳.李芮.阿斯多夫  Timothy Keller & Katherine Leary Alsdorf


我们都身在历史、生涯和社会中的特定文化和时代处境,而如何在这种处境中工作,则是每个人都要在自己社群中思考清楚的问题。然而,所有答案的关键都在于以下的神学核心:认识上帝是谁、祂和人的关系、祂对世界的计划,以及基督的好消息或福音如何颠覆了 (more…)

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《不伪装的勇气》 :活出最真的你
Finding The Key To Personal Integrity: How To Be True To Yourself
作者:毕洁丝 Mary Pytches

找回不伪装的勇气 ◦ 突破生命困境 ◦ 转化社会风气

TRUTH既指真理,也指真相。2016年结束前,《牛津英语词典》选出年度关键词:post-truth「后真相」,形容民众被个人信念、煽情手段牵着走,选择性地吸收信息、形成舆论,客观的事实真相反而失去影响力。政客公然撒谎;企业捏造产品数据; (more…)

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Overcoming Temptation

Overcoming Temptation
By Bruce Wilkinson

No matter what’s leading you astray, choose to trust God and pray!

You believe there is hope for successfully combating temptation and the choices and habits that leave you feeling ashamed and fearful of the consequences.  But you are unsure how to begin fighting back.

Victory is indeed within reach when you rely on God’s grace and (more…)

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Defiant Joy

Defiant Joy
By Stasi Eldredge

Bestselling author Stasi Eldredge shows readers how to choose a joy that stands against the tides of life’s real and often overwhelming pain.

We are called to live.  And, miraculously, to live with joy.

We all spend a lot of energy reaching for happiness, but we are never quite able to hang on to it.  Real life happens, and our circumstances (more…)

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《众神之上》   Jesus Among Other Gods
作者:拉维.撒加利亚 Ravi Zacharias

这是一个信什么都可以的时代,只要不宣称你所信为真。 后现代文化打着「包容」的旗帜接纳东方神秘宗教或是新世纪的灵性思想。但是如同拉维.撒迦利亚所指出的——对灵性方面,毫不质疑地照单全收,这是荒谬的。 简单直接地说:所有宗教,不可能都是真的。

●  所有宗教基本上不都是一样的吗?  (more…)

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《如果没有神  Can Man Live Without God?
作者:拉维.撒迦利亚 Ravi Zacharias

人远离神而活,混乱就是常态;人与神同行,心灵饥渴就得满足。 在这本精彩绝伦的护教书中,撒迦利亚向你展示神的存在。



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By Dr. David Jeremiah

We live in a time of deep uncertainty.  And yet, the Bible promises we were created to enjoy lives of freedom, even in times when the world around us seems filled with darkness.  We were created to be overcomers, conquering the greatest obstacles in our lives.

In his new book, Overcomer, beloved teacher David Jeremiah offers his insights on one of the most quoted but least understood (more…)

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