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《被誤解的上帝》 : 如何閱讀約伯記
How to Read Job
作者: 華爾頓, 朗文    (John H. Walton, Tremper Longman Ш)

精準對焦,一次讀懂約伯記! 約伯的世界,不只有苦難。


為了幫助讀者解決期待上的落差,華爾頓與朗文── (more…)

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The Gift of Work: spiritual disciplines for the workplace
作者: 海特利    (Bill Heatley)

《工作是一份禮物》, 你打開了沒有??


這禮物就是「工作」。  (more…)

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Generations Volume 1 : How to Grow Your Church YOUNGER and STRONGER
By Seow How Tan & Cecilia Chan

GenerationS is a mindset-shifting, heart-changing book that shows you how to raise up generations of young people in your church to build His kingdom.

After over 20 years, this youth church, operated by youths, for youths to reach youths, still has an average age of 22.

“I see a great struggle in the global churches in keeping the (more…)

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《收尾學》 : 開啟未來的決策力    Necessary Endings
作者: 亨利‧克勞德博士  (Dr. Henry Cloud)

#為過去收尾 #開創最佳未來


其實,「結束」是人生、事業必然包含的環節,因為萬事萬物的發展本來就有時節階段之分,上一個階段不終止,下一個階段就無法開始,更無從成長、進步。 (more…)

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《21世紀使命門》 :  開啟多元又創新的門徒世代
作者: 董家驊

MD:Missional Discipleship

◎  如果青年人能夠為理想充滿熱血,為什麼為上帝和教會不能?
◎  蘋果、微軟、Google的使命宣言提出人類的宏大遠景,上帝國度豈不更大?
◎  為了迎合「真我時代」的需求,我們是否把福音變小、變弱、變狹窄了?
◎  在工具理性、M型社會及數位科技時代中,我們要如何回應多元社會? (more…)

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The Wisdom of Tenderness

The Wisdom of Tenderness
By Brennan Manning

Brennan Manning writes that all changes in the quality of a person’s life must grow out of a change in that person’s vision of reality.  He argues that by relating to God as the heart of tenderness, we can begin to develop a spiritual life that lets go of worry, stops organizing everything as means to an end, and begins to live fully in the awareness of God’s infinite grace and mercy in each moment.  By accepting the tenderness of God, our hearts will begin to open, (more…)

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The Way of Grace

The Way of Grace : Finding God on the Path of Surrender
By Glandion Carney

“No matter how old you are or how many degrees you have or don’t have ― when grace takes you to school, you start in kindergarten.” 

This was the experience of Reverend Glandion Carney when he was given the life-altering news that he has Parkinson’s disease.  He was plunged into denial and despair.  This was not supposed to be his journey.  (more…)

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《我的人生施工中》 : 跨界工地的信仰反思
作者: 毛樂祈


為了陪伴妻子孩子在異域工作與生活,小老百姓神學家勇敢放棄生活舒適圈,展開北美新生活探險! 但是,當固定薪水不再、過往種種肯定逐一淡去,明星高中籃球健將、頂大畢業新銳海歸、神學思考秀異作家的光環時明時滅,還得在不熟悉的工地掙扎求生時,如何不看自己是失意的魯蛇,而是神手中正在創造的傑作,就成了最真實的挑戰──  (more…)

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《暴風雨中的家庭》 : 十架如何醫治家庭
The Storm-Tossed Family : How the Cross Reshapes the Home


家,可能是世上充滿最多矛盾的地方,就像一場暴風雨,可以帶來雨水滋養生命,卻也能同時讓人感到快要滅頂,無力自救。家庭,可以使人感到愛與歸屬,也能使人嚐到羞辱與折磨;可以是一份祝福,也可能是終其一生想逃開的咒詛。不論你的家庭處境如何,都有可能經歷如暴風雨般無法掌控的強烈震盪,在其中顫抖飄搖。要想安然度過, (more…)

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Heaven is for real

Heaven Is For Real
By Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent

#1 New York Times best-seller with more than 11 million copies sold and Amazon’s #17 best-selling book of all time. Heaven Is for Real was the best-selling non-fiction book of 2011 as reported by Nielsen’s Bookscan, and it was made in to a major motion picture by Sony in 2014.

“Do you remember the hospital, Colton?” Sonja said. “Yes, mommy, I remember,” he said. “That’s where the angels sang to me.”  (more…)

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Spiritual Detox

Spiritual Detox : Discovering the Joy of Liberating Confession
By Howard Satterthwaite & Holly Satterthwaite

‘There is not a person on the planet who has not needed a book like this.’ Dr R. T. Kendall

‘Fresh, insightful and utterly relevant . . . Here you will find depth of insight and height of vision, breadth of wisdom and sharpness of illustration.’ Canon J. John

‘A very applicable and moving book serving as a reminder of (more…)

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《機智的好撒瑪利亞人》 : 21世紀基督徒助人前要知道的11件事& Brian Fikkert)
When Helping Hurts : how to alleviate poverty without hurting the poor … and yourself
作者: 史蒂夫.考柏、布萊恩.菲克 (Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert)


故事一:如何幫助中輟、獨立撫養孩子又無法找到穩定工作的艾莉莎……  (more…)

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