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HCSB Study Bible

HCSB Study Bible ~ God’s Word for Life

Developed in direct response to what consumer focus groups asked for, only one study Bible delivers more than you’d expect – right where you’d expect it.  When reading a passage in the Bible, you shouldn’t have to wonder where to find supporting reference notes and commentary that go along with it.

That’s why the HCSB Study Bible – featuring approximately 15,000 study notes – is designed so that every clarifying resource is there on the same page spread (more…)

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作者: 腓力曼都法著  (Philip Mantofa)

《30岁之前》是腓力.曼都法的真实故事。从一个黑暗,充满暴戾的生活,主耶稣改变了他成为主所使用的器皿。透过他在印尼及世界各地举办的布道会当中,已带领了超过50,000 个灵魂归主。透过他的服事,很多年轻的领袖兴起,成为印尼许多地方教会的牧者和属灵领袖。直到这本书的出版,他所服事的教会-沙崙玫瑰教会,已成长为51间的地方教会。

他从神的话语里所领受的生活原则和他与圣灵的亲密关系, (more…)

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作者: 赵镛基著




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Book of God

Book of God

Many people believe the Bible is divinely inspired but are not exactly sure of the process by which we got the Bible.  The Book of God takes readers on an incredible journey through the historical process of how God delivered us a written revelation both of Himself and of His message to mankind.  This one-of-a-kind graphic novel is a faith builder for people of all ages.

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101 Questions

101 Questions

Where did Cain’s wife come from? What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?
Where was Jesus for the three days between his crucifixion and the resurrection?
With colorful comic book illustrations, this captivating book provides biblically informed answers to 101 of the most commonly asked questions about Scripture and Christianity.

64 pages, softcover from Kingstone Comics.

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The Complete Guide To The Bible

The Complete Guide To The Bible
by Stephen M Miller

This beautifully illustrated book is written in such a captivating way that it will keep you lingering and learning throughout!  Miller’s user-friendly, jargon-free handbook is aimed at helping people quickly grasp the nuts and bolts of Scripture.  An excellent buy!

Watch the promo on youtube!

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The Wiersbe Bible Commentary Vol 1 & 2

The Wiersbe Bible Commentary Vol 1 & 2

Looking for a good Bible commentary?  The WIERSBE BIBLE COMMENTARY (VOL. 1 & 2) is available again.  This popular and well-known commentary will be a great Bible tool to help you dig deeper into God’s word.  This Commentary offers you insights on the entire Bible, with introductions and outlines for each book, and clear, readable text that’s free of lofty jargon and non-technical.  The CD-ROM contains the entire text of both books in a fully searchable PDF format.

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The Lost and Found Family

The Lost and Found Family  (DVD)

You can watch the trailer at

When her husband dies, Mrs. Ester Hobbes (Ellen Bry, TV’s St. Elsewhere) learns that his wealth was just an illusion.  Her only real inheritance is a run-down Southern home occupied by a foster family.  Slowly, Mrs. Hobbes finds herself making unexpected connections with rebellious teen Justin (Lucas Till, Hannah Montana: The Movie) and the rest of the unwanted kids.  Share the journey of discovery in this touching drama of lives transformed.

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The Mysterious Islands

The Mysterious Islands  (DVD)

Watch the trailer for this very interesting movie :

The Mysterious Islands is a new movie shot on the Galapagos Islands which debunks the conclusions of the book, The Origin of Species, written by Charles Darwin about 150 years ago.

Because of the implications of his famous theory of evolution, Darwin (more…)

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When God Shows Up

When God Shows Up
by R. T. Kendall

You Need God…
You’ve Asked for His Help…
Will You Recognize Him When He Comes?

There is no question that God shows up in our lives in unexpected ways and at unexpected times.  He’s shown up in earthquakes, wind, and fire–and always when we need Him most.   (more…)

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《听着,撒旦!》  全新再版!!!
作者: 安卡罗著  (Carlos Annacondia)



安卡罗德服事充满着和初期教会一样的神迹奇事-鬼附者得释放,疾病得医治,捆绑被粉碎,压制离开人的生命,圣灵将大能的恩膏赐予所有接受的人,但最重要的是: (more…)

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《10大团契小组增长秘诀 非一般的动力
作者: 林汉星著

九十年代开始,许多教会都推行小组,使教会人数有所增长,但渐渐地发觉[有量而无质],甚至[无量亦无质]。要扭转这情况,其中一个出路便是发挥小组动力, 《10大团契小组增长秘诀》描述了八种小组动力来源,让低沉和不活跃的组员也被其他健康,有生命活力的组员所激发,使每一组员均充满活力和动力,一起建立质量并重的健康教会.


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