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Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers : A Journey of Hope, Love, and Rediscovery…
Paperback – July 29, 2023
By Imani Mulinde

Breaking Barriers is a poignant memoir that offers the reader a glimpse into the depths of Imani’s incredible journey of hope, love, and rediscovery.  It is an unvarnished, in-your-face recollection, reflection, and exhortation that will help you realign to the purposes of God and the destiny He has ordained for you.

From the challenges faced as an interracial couple, (more…)

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《如何以禱告勝過恐懼》 : The Power of Praying® Through Fear
作者: 史多美.奧瑪森 (Stormie Omartian)

★  暢銷三千八百萬冊的如何禱告系列作家——史多美.奧瑪森最新力作!
★  美國亞馬遜5顆星好評推薦!


恐懼是否正影響你的生活?在現今世界,恐懼已成為最大的傳染病,種類繁多、 (more…)

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《探索耶穌七大奇事》 : The Seven Wonders of His Story
作者: 大衛.鮑森   (David Pawson)



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At The Heart of The Universe

At The Heart of The Universe
By Peter Jensen

At the heart of the Universe opens up God’s great purpose for us and our world, focusing on the End towards which God has been working throughout history and is still working today. In doing so, Peter Jensen sheds light on the main aspects of Christian belief, showing how they fit together as one dynamic whole, and how they relate to us and our culture at the beginning of the twenty-first century.


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SOZO – 救恩、醫治與釋放

《SOZO – 救恩、醫治與釋放》
A Journey into Freedom with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
作者: 唐娜.締司爾法, 泰瑞莎.力普哲, Dawna De Silva, Teresa Liebscher

救恩 不只是天國的門票
而是從今時直到永遠的 豐盛生命

長久以來,許多基督徒認為「得救」就是得以在天堂佔有一席之地。但令人難過的是,這些跟隨耶穌的人,在世上卻常常經歷到挫敗。 (more…)

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Succession Or Multiplication?

Succession Or Multiplication?
By David Devenish

How do you transition from a first generation movement under one founder leader to becoming a second generation movement with a multiple leadership?

This question has now become a particular challenge for many fresh movements of churches, and it can prove to be a difficult and daunting one.  David Devenish tells the story of how Newfrontiers tackled this issue, and how they successfully transitioned to next generation leadership through (more…)

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Helping Students with Same-Sex Attraction

Helping Students with Same-Sex Attraction
By Cooper Pinson

A student sits in your office and shares about his or her struggles with same-sex attraction.  Or perhaps it’s your child asking you for help.  What can you say or do that will bring the gospel into this struggle?

Cooper Pinson from Harvest USA begins by helping parents and youth leaders understand that this struggle is not so very different than their own struggles with sin and suffering that they encounter every day.  (more…)

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天堂介入 (上、下冊)

《天堂介入》: 活出一個充滿神蹟生命實用指南(上、下冊)
When Heaven Invades Earth: A Practical Guide to a Life of Miracles
作者: 比爾.強生 (Bill Johnson)

上、下冊 各加入20天(共40天)靈修默想內容

你本應活出的超自然生活!  (more…)

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《宇宙的中心》  Centre of the Universe
作者: 比爾.強生   (Bill Johnson)

看似平凡無奇之事 卻可以擴張你生命的境界?

《宇宙的中心》是一位牧師以輕鬆幽默的方式,和他的會友分享生活中的經歷,以及當下的感動。不論是西式飛繩毛鉤釣魚法、無法控制的獵犬,或是非洲的復興與醫治那些無家可歸之人等話題,都可以在書中找到。九十三篇的短篇故事,讓我們能輕鬆一笑同時又得著亮光。比爾強生牧師用輕鬆詼諧的筆觸,和大家分享他從生活中所領悟的功課。 (more…)

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Parenting Is Hard And Then You Die

Parenting Is Hard And Then You Die
By David E. Clarke

Parenting Is Hard and Then You Die provides a biblical and comprehensive strategy for raising healthy kids in a world that is morally bankrupt, spiritually desolate, and increasingly dangerous.  That strategy is clear and specific, rooted in the Bible, proved successful, and communicated in a fun, entertaining way.

Dr. David Clarke has written many books on family.  This book stands out for all of the following:  (more…)

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Love Changes Everything

Love Changes Everything
By Micah Berteau

We all crave love. We try to fill the void inside with any number of poor substitutes.  We seek validation from empty outlets.  We’re thirsty for compliments.  We change who we are to impress people who aren’t looking and don’t care.  Yet, we are still desperately searching for a love that changes everything for us, a love that doesn’t fade and doesn’t fail — even when we do.

That’s the kind of love God shows that he has for us through the (more…)

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破茧而出《破茧而出》 Breaking The Curses Of Life
作者: 欧大卫 (David O. Oyedepo)

咒诅是真实的! 许多人活在咒诅之下而不自觉。


欧大卫牧师以他一贯强有力的笔法,将生命中七种基本形态的咒诅作详尽的解释和教导。 透过本书,你会明白要如何破除在事业、家庭、生命中的不同咒诅, (more…)

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