100% Christianity

100-percent-christianity100% Christianity
By Jago Wynne

We don’t have to have been a Christian for long before we realize how easy it is to live at times as though Jesus has had no impact on us.  After the first flush of delight in Christ’s love of us has waned, we have to admit that we are not that excited about being a Christian.  The passion has gone. We start doubting whether Christianity is really true and of infinite importance – rather than just a hobby for Sundays.  We end up feeling a fraud, a failure, or a fool.  

100% Christianity helps us all to face these challenges.  It shows how we can become clear and confident about the gospel, grow in passion for Christ, and know God’s empowering in living for him in all of life.

This book speaks to our minds, hearts and wills.  If you want help in living an intellectually rigorous, wholeheartedly passionate, and completely devoted life for Jesus, then this is the book for you.

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