10:10 Life To The Fullest

10-10-life-to-the-fullest10:10 Life To The Fullest
By Daniel Hill

We all feel it at one time or another – that there is something profoundly and dreadfully missing in our lives.  We look to the world and find no satisfaction.  We look within and yet come up empty.  We look to religion, and still we cannot fill the void.

Jesus said that he came that we might have life. Abundant life.  Life to the full.  So why do even fervent followers of Jesus sense that some vital and fundamental part of life is elusive? Was it just an empty promise?   

Not at all, says pastor Daniel Hill.  In “10:10 “he shows you how you can have a faith that touches deep within and reaches far beyond yourself, a faith that makes all the disparate parts of your life come together in a fulfilling whole.  With engaging stories and contagious passion, Hill paints a compelling picture of the holistic life in Christ you’ve been longing for–the 10:10 Life.

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