A Perfect Word for Every Occasion

a-perfect-word-for-every-occasionA Perfect Word for Every Occasion
by Liz Duckworth

Have you ever wondered just what to say at a funeral, to a friend whose spouse is fighting cancer, or to someone going through a breakup?

The right words don’t always come easily.  Sometimes we’re so afraid to say the wrong thing that we say nothing at all or resort to clichés.  But with a little help you can share the perfect message that will draw you nearer to friends and loved ones.

This book offers examples and guidelines for things to say, lines to write, and Scripture verses to share.  Full of encouraging messages organized by category – sympathy, thank-yous, congratulations, etc. – it will help you save time while strengthening your relationships.  You will find the right words for formats old and new: Facebook messages, emails, cards, texting, receiving lines, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, funerals, and more. You’ll even discover what not to say.

A Perfect Word for Every Occasion is a trustworthy resource for words to bless the ones you love.

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