A – Z Of Prayer

A – Z Of Prayer
By Matthew Porter

A-Z of Prayer is an accessible introduction that gives practical guidance on how to develop a meaningful prayer life.  It presents twenty-six aspects of prayer to help you grow in your relationship with God, explore new devotional styles and deepen your daily conversations with God.

Each topic has:
–  a few pages of introduction and insight 
–  an action section for reflection and application
–  a prayer to help put the action point into practice
–  xtensive references to allow further study

Matthew Porter
After a brief career in law, Matthew Porter has served churches in the North of England and increasingly speaks on the subject of discipleship, wanting to help others build strong foundations for a life of following Jesus.  He’s passionate about discipleship and leadership, and serves as the senior leader (Vicar) of The Belfrey in York, a church with a rich heritage and with a vision to be serving God’s transformation of the North

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