Amazing Faith

amazing faithAmazing Faith
How to Make God Take Notice
By Wilfredo de Jesus

No one is beyond the transforming power of God’s love.  No one is too lost, too evil, too wounded, or too hopeless. In the pages of the New Testament, we see Jesus reaching out to touch the lives of pitiful prostitutes and arrogant, power-hungry leaders.  We often talk about how God is amazing to us, and we sing songs like “Amazing Grace.”  On several occasions, the gospel writers turn this around and mention that the faith of a few people amazed Jesus.  But also, He was occasionally amazed by the lack of faith exhibited by people who should have been convinced He could do anything.  A life of faith isn’t easy.  It requires everything we’ve got.

If we put ourselves in God’s hands without reservation, He gives us blessings far more valuable than all the wealth people pursue.  Amazing Faith gives us insight and courage to give away things that seem so important to most people – possessions, positions, and power – but ultimately, they don’t matter at all.  When we surrender those things, God fills our hearts with His love, strength, and purpose, and we become complete.

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