Blessed Broken Given

Blessed Broken Given
By Glenn Packiam

What could be more ordinary than bread?

Throughout Scripture we discover that nothing is as common as it seems, not even bread.  Bread fell from heaven as a sign of God’s provision.  Jesus fed the multitudes with loaves of bread and referred to Himself as “the bread of life.”

Bread, as it turns out, is far from ordinary.  It is glorious. 

So it is with our stories. God works with the unspectacular and the common, the imperfect and the inadequate.  God specializes in taking the seemingly ordinary stuff of our lives and making us carriers of His glory.

Every times Jesus took bread in His hands, He blessed it, broke it, and gave it.  These three words can reshape the way you see your whole life.

To be blessed is to recover your true identity and calling.
To be broken is to be opened up to the grace of God and to a community formed by that grace.
To be given is to discover your mission for the life of the world.

This is an invitation to place your life, your whole story – the mundane and the messy – in the hands of Jesus.  Let Him make you blessed, broken, given.

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