Christians Are Hate-Filled Hypocrites

christians-are-hate-filled-hypocritesChristians Are Hate-Filled Hypocrites
By Bradley R.E. Wright

What if all the bad news you’ve been hearing about Christians isn’t true?

Here are some facts that may surprise you:
•  Evangelicals are more respected by society today than they were twenty years ago.
•  Divorce rates of Christian couples are lower than those of non-believers.
•  The percentage of young people who attend church has held steady over the past twenty years.

All these statements are true, yet we’ve been told the opposite time and time again.  Why is the church being misled?  And what is the true state of Christianity in America today?

Sociologist Brad Wright shatters popular myths by sifting through the best available data.  He reveals how Christians are doing when it comes to everything from marriage and morality to church growth and public perception.  While not all the news is good, it turns out there is a wealth of encouraging information that we’re not being told.

Get the truth behind the statistics you’ve been hearing and how the numbers are being manipulated, and discover what is really happening in American Christianity.

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