Christians in the Crosshairs

Christians in the Crosshairs
Persecution in the Bible and Around the World Today
By Gregory C. Cochran

An insightful and (surprisingly) encouraging biblical explanation as to why trouble and persecution are inevitable for Christians.  Since they are a peculiar people, and since they in the world but not of the world, and since they follow a Master who is offensive to many, Christians are naturally the objects of disdain and hostility.  Understanding the nature of the enmity between the world and the Christian is critical for living in a world where Satan is its prince.

The book is an attempt to start a conversation about the reality of Christian persecution.  It is a wake-up call to the modern church, especially in United States.  “My hope for all who read this volume,” writes the author, “is a strengthened faith.  One of the most surprising aspects of studying persecution has been its effect on me.  I thought I would be dour and woeful-defeated-after hearing of great suffering.  The opposite is true.  The gospel-with its resurrection power-is able to take the worst situations and reframe them in victory.  Hearing stories of triumph through suffering has been nothing short of glorious.”

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