Completing Project Me

Completing Project Me
By Matthew A. Thomas

Your life is a project.  Let God lead it.

When failure occurs or tragedy strikes, we struggle to make sense of it.  Divine interruptions can sometimes leave us feeling confused.  From Genesis to Revelation, God uses conflict as a vehicle for growth.

Matthew A. Thomas understands there is more behind every situation than what we can see at first.  Completing Project Me is an invitation to understand how God uses challenging experiences to make our lives richer.

Learn to:
–  Consider divine interruptions from God’s perspective,
–  Cultivate resilience in faith,
–  Deepen your prayer life, and
–  Center yourself on gratitude.

God doesn’t start something to leave it unfinished. He is doing more in your life than you know.  Let Him lead you through your conflict and into a more complete life.

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