Don’t Give Up

Don’t Give Up
By Kyle Idleman

The parent with the wayward child.  The couple whose marriage is in jeopardy.  The man who is out of work.  The woman stuck in crushing debt.  The patient with a bad diagnosis.  The student who can’t get a fair shake.  People hanging by a thread, losing faith and short on strength.  What do they all need to hear?

Don’t give up.
Our lives are minefields of challenges that take their toll on our courage, our conviction, and even our faith.  But God whispers to the weary, Don’t give up.  Drawing from inspiring biblical stories and first-person testimonies of perseverance, bestselling author and pastor Kyle Idleman encourages readers to cast their concerns on God, trust in his love and timing, pray for patience and strength, and seek out support in the family of God.

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