Embracing Your Second Calling

Embracing Your Second Calling
By Dale Hanson Bourke

Do you ever wonder if the best of life is in the past?  Are you longing for more passion and purpose in the second half of your life?  Take a deep breath and prepare for a great adventure as Dale Hanson Bourke resoundingly affirms that midlife is a time for reflection but also a time for action.  In Embracing Your Second Calling, she challenges women to respond to God’s call specifically for this season of life and offers practical ideas for finding new meaning.

Bourke’s vulnerability and story-driven approach offers essential principles and specific suggestions as well as interactive elements including:

  • Questions for reflection and going deeper
  • Ideas on how to become more involved
  • Prayers for wisdom and commitment
  • Action steps for moving forward

For women searching for God’s purpose and passion in middle age and beyond this book offers an inspirational road map to meaning and adventure.

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