Extreme Prayer Makeover

Extreme Prayer Makeover
By Joe Cameneti

Are you frustrated because your prayers seem to be producing only “hit and miss” results?  Do you long for a more satisfying and effective prayer life?

Such was the case for author and pastor, Joe Cameneti, until he cried out to God in frustration, seeking for a more satisfying and effective way to pray.  In this book, Pastor Joe shares the powerful revelation that God gave him – perhaps the most unique and exciting information about praying effective, Bible-based prayers that you have ever heard.

You can experience an extreme prayer makeover using this simple acronym:

R – Rescue from Evil
E – Expanded Love
M – More Boldness
O – Open Eyes
D – Deeper Desire
E – Extra Strength
L – Lord’s Will

As a praying Christian, you have been given a great place of authority on the earth.  This book will help you understand how to pray and what to pray so, you can experience an extreme prayer makeover, as God remodels you – and those for whom you pray – from the inside out!

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