Generations Volume 1 : How to Grow Your Church YOUNGER and STRONGER
By Seow How Tan & Cecilia Chan

GenerationS is a mindset-shifting, heart-changing book that shows you how to raise up generations of young people in your church to build His kingdom.

After over 20 years, this youth church, operated by youths, for youths to reach youths, still has an average age of 22.

“I see a great struggle in the global churches in keeping the young people…  At Heart of God Church, things are different. After ministering in the biggest churches and conferences all over the world, what I’ve witnessed at Heart of God Church is unlike anything I have experienced before. What Heart of God Church has wonderfully modelled for us all should not only be applauded and admired; it should also be reproduced everywhere.”

– JOHN BEVERE, International bestselling author The Bait of Satan, Co-Founder, Messenger International

“On my most recent visit, one of my band was so wowed by the environment of the visual/video tech room – where he saw not just one operator at each station, but three…  (This) was so impressive – there was one operator, one trainer and one trainee.  These were people in their mid to high teens, some as young as 12 or 13… Considering the amount of responsibility a video/visual team carries in a large service, and how much specialised technical skill there is to learn… he was amazed.  There was a beautiful trust being placed in these young people… and ultimately it’s the Jesus model of discipleship.”

– MATT REDMAN, Two-time Grammy Award winner, singer-songwriter and worship leader

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