God’s Lesser Glory

God’s Lesser Glory
By Bruce A. Ware

Christians throughout history have been strengthened by their confidence that God knows everything about the future.  But consider this: What if it simply is not true?  What if God can only rely on His best guess about tomorrow – just as you and I do?  Would it not affect your trust in Him, your confidence in facing the future, your worship, and your motivation to leave everything in His hands?  And yet this is the consequence that has to be faced if you trust what a number of leading voices in evangelicalism are proposing under the doctrine of open theism.  

In its redefinition of the nature of divine providence, open theism adjusts the entire picture of God’s sovereignty and involvement in our lives.  Bruce Ware carefully summarizes and critiques this dangerous doctrine from a thoroughly biblical perspective, providing an excellent treatment of both the classical and openness views.  He explores their implications and faithfully pinpoints the subtle ways that open theism undermines our trust in God and lessens His glory in our lives.

Open theism offers a God who, like us, does not know the future.  Its sponsors see this humanizing of God as logical and devotional gain.  Bruce Ware sees it as a way of misreading Scripture and impoverishing the life of faith, and he makes a compelling case for his view.  I heartily commend this thorough and insightful book.
— J.I. Packer, Professor of Theology, Regent College

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