Gospel Justice

gospel-justiceGospel Justice
by Bruce D. Strom

Can a justice system that does not provide for the needs of the poor, those who cannot afford its care, be considered truly just?  Criminals are represented by the state, but victims must provide their own lawyers.  Single mothers and poor families fall victim because they cannot afford legal representation. And so legal injustice abounds, but what can be done about it?

Bruce Strom left a successful legal career to start Administer Justice, a non-profit ministry that provides free legal care to those in need in the name of Jesus through partnership with local churches.  Now Strom is calling the church at large to take up the cause of justice.  Through stories and principles this book shows the reader how he or she can be part of this movement and can participate in the cause of legal justice for the poor.  It is an ideal resource for church leaders, Christian lawyers, business people, and entrepreneurs.

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