Have No Fear

Have No Fear
By John C. Lennox

Christians are under increasing pressure to be silent.  We’re led to believe that, at best, our beliefs are outdated, and at worst they are dangerous.  Silenced by fear, it s all too easy to keep quiet.

But our Christian faith was never meant to be private.  Jesus’ followers are instructed to be deliberately and willingly different, seeking to share the life-changing good news they’ve heard with everyone, whatever the cost.  We might feel that we fall very short of this confident evangelistic lifestyle, but John Lennox shows us that any one of us can become an effective gospel witness.

Using examples from the Bible and from his own life, John explains practically how we can winsomely share Jesus with our friends, despite our fears.  He argues that it is possible to stand up to the pressure society places on us, and in so doing we ll find our Christian life grows in strength and joy.

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