How To Pick a Spouse

how-to-pick-a-spouseHow To Pick a Spouse
by Dan Chun

Anyone can get married.  The goal, however, should not only be to marry–” but to marry the right person.”  As a senior pastor, author Dan Chun worked exclusively with more than 5,000 singles, and of the hundreds who were married under his teaching, less than 10 percent got a divorce — far below the national average.  This book incorporates Pastor Dan’s principles, which provide practical and proven ways to pick a spouse, and is your guide to finding — and keeping — a lifelong partner.

You will discover how to test your relationship for key differences using a variety of methods including the Seven Cs: Character, Chemistry, Competency, Cultural Differences, Commitment, Communication and Core Values.  Experts agree: Whether you are dating or planning to date, “How to Pick a Spouse” will give you clear, usable information for guiding your heart and mind before making one of your most important decisions … ever.

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