Learning To Feed Your Soul With Christ
By Rondi Lauterbach

Hunger: it drives our bodies, shapes our day, and affects our choices.

We are all too familiar with our physical hunger and the guilt it often inspires. But God designed us to hunger – our hunger is good! It shows we are meant to depend on something outside ourselves for satisfaction.  

But what about the hunger we feel in our souls?

While also from God, our spiritual hunger is corrupted – leaving us binging on “junk food” like our idols and cravings.  Where do we find true satisfaction for our hungry souls?

It comes when our souls feast on the Word of God – and on Jesus himself. Rondi shows us how to prepare a Bible study like a recipe for a spiritual banquet that will truly fill us.

Learn how to consume the Bible instead of just reading it – and then how to share this meal with the hungry around you.

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