I Forgive You, But

“I Forgive You, But . . .”: 3 Steps That Can Heal Your Heart Forever
By Karen Jensen Salisbury

Have you ever been hurt, betrayed, used or done wrong?  At some point in life, we all experience wounds from others.  But, staying hurt is not okay. When we refuse to let go of the hurt, it turns to unforgiveness and unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other guy to die.  It eats our lunch.  This book is all about HOW to forgive, how to dig into the Bible when you’ve been hurt and let the Word set you free.  

Forgiveness is how God does do-overs and it’s how He makes things new and gives us a fresh start.  You and I were made new because He forgave us.  Forgiveness is the key to cut the chain to our past hurts and to walk away free.

This book shows the power of forgiveness and includes miracle stories about people who thought that forgiveness wasn’t the answer to their problems, but when they learned to forgive, their lives were transformed!

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