I’m Sick Now What?

I’m Sick Now What?
By Dr. Andrew Butterworth

A Balanced Approach to Medicine and God’s Healing

Why am I sick?  Is healing possible?  Is it possible for me?  If you’re struggling with sickness or pain of any kind, you may find yourself asking these difficult questions.  With unique training as both a doctor and a pastor, Andrew Butterworth has found answers by seeking God for healing through the complementary means of both medicine and prayer.  

In I’m Sick, Now What?  Dr. Butterworth draws on his real-life experience to explain why sickness exists, the difference between physical sickness and spiritual sickness, and what steps the Christian can take to alleviate both.  This book doesn’t guarantee instant healing, but it does promise to answer your persistent questions about pain and to provide a practical and biblical guide to understanding sickness and approaching God for healing.

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