Intentional Parenting

intentional-parentingIntentional Parenting
[Family Discipleship by Design]
By Tad Thompson

The Big Picture and a Simple Plan: That’s what you need to do family discipleship well.  There are literally thousands of books available on how to live various aspects of the Christian life.  Of these, at least a couple of dozen pertaining to family life and child training are well worth reading.  This is not one of those books.  This book is designed to help you take what you have read, as well as all the sermons, teachings, and exhortations you have received on child training and leadership in the home, and make sense of it.

Pastor Tad Thompson has assembled a biblical approach to effective family discipleship.  Among other insights in this book, he identifies seven key areas of parental focus:

• The Gospel
• The Big Story (Biblical Theology)
• The Big Truths (Systematic Theology)
• The Great Commission
• Spiritual Disciplines
• Christian Living
• Worldview

By identifying the right ingredients for family discipleship, and by providing guidelines for creating your own plan of implementation, Intentional Parenting can prepare you for a lifetime of learning and teaching.  This is not another book of tactics and techniques.  It is a clear, encouraging, accessible book of strategy for parents who want to be intentional about discipleship in the home.

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