Keep The Faith

Keep The Faith
by Martin Ayers

Christians living in a largely secular, unbelieving society realistically face many daily struggles to keep their faith.  Martin helpfully provides a new, yet biblical, perspective for Christians to understand both themselves and the beliefs of those around them.  He points out that there is in fact no ‘neutral’ ground from which to assess the claims of Christ and digs into the Bible to change the way we think.  

Keep the Faith is packed with practical suggestions for putting that thinking into practice.  Do you sometimes feel discouraged by all the seemingly smart, sensible, normal people all around you who reject the truth of Christianity?  Does it lead you to doubt the claims of Christ?  In this honest and refreshing take on the doubts we all experience, Martin Ayers takes us back to what the Bible itself says about faith and doubt.

Keep the Faith is not difficult to read or understand, but it will profoundly shift the way you think about yourself, about others, and about the God who has redeemed us through Jesus.

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