Life On Mission

life-on-missionLife On Mission
By Dustin Willis and Aaron Coe

“ A compelling book that connects mission to worship and shows how one cannot really believe the gospel and not be moved into mission.  This book does more than describe mission; it compels action.”  J.D. Greear (Pastor and author of Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary )

“Read Life on Mission and find yourself more driven to focus your life and mission not on methods and models but on the gospel and the person of Jesus.”  Eric M. Mason (Pastor and author of Manhood Restored)

Life on Mission is a rich but simple guide that will help everyday missionaries (electricians, lawyers, church planters, students, etc.) in the areas of gospel and mission, which will lead to an effective ministry within one’s own community.  The content is adaptable to any context and can function well as an individual study or within a small group environment.  Life on Mission not only delivers a robust gospel base with daily mission practices, but is threaded with engaging stories and powerful questions that help individuals to take their next steps to living life on mission.

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