Love Over Fear

Love Over Fear
By Dan White Jr.

Aren’t Christians Supposed to Love Their Enemies?

Whether it’s the news, social media, or well-intentioned friends, we’re told daily to fear “others.”  We fear strangers, neighbors, the other side of the aisle, even those who parent differently.  And when we’re confronted with something that frightens us, our brain sees only two options: 

Attack or Avoid

But either way, polarization intensifies.  What if you could defy your own instincts and choose a third option — scandalous, disruptive, unthinkable LOVE?  Sure, we love people who are like us, who are easy to enjoy.  Everyone does.  But what about our enemies, the people we consider monsters?  Loving them requires exceptional strength — strength only the Spirit can provide.

Love over Fear is a compelling guide to conquering fear with love in an age of polarization.  Hear stories of those who changed hearts and minds through radical love, learn how to practice disarming compassion, and discover the disruptive power of showing affection for those we perceive as monsters.

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