Messy Church

Messy Church
by Ross Parsley

When you look at the church today, what do you see?  A corporation with a CEO at the helm?  A social organization that does good things for the community?

Pastor Ross Parsley believes that neither of those pictures is God’s desire. Instead, God wants His church to function as a family – a group of real people who love each other and care for one another’s needs, no matter how messy.

Our culture is dying for the kind of community that only the church can provide – if we are living as God intended: as a family, protecting one another, extending grace, and loving unconditionally.

We are not called to be consumers who ask what the church can offer us.  We are called to love deeply, fight fairly, and bring hope to a generation of people starving to belong to something greater than themselves.  Welcome to the family.  You belong here.

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