More Of God

More Of God : Seek The Benefactor, Not Just The Benefits
By R.T. Kendall

Many of us want more from God instead of more of God.

Matthew 5:6 says, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”  This is a promise.  No one needs to tell you if the water you drank when you were thirsty made you feel better.  So too with experiencing God.  When it happens, you will know it for yourself. 

More of God is about moving beyond faith.  It is about getting more of God. Experiencing more of God.  Every book in the Bible, especially the books of the New Testament, are written for this purpose.  Take the letters; those who are addressed were already saved.  But the writers wanted their hearers to experience not just more knowledge about God but more of God.

Everything in this book is designed to make you hungry.  Thirsty.  As you read, keep in mind that the ever-increasing hunger for more of God is from God.

Kendall’s advice: “Don’t settle for more mere information about God.  Or more theological knowledge.  Give yourself no rest until you cross over that crucial line from secondhand knowledge about God to firsthand knowledge of God.  There is nothing more exciting than when you see for yourself that God is real, Jesus is real, the Holy Spirit is real, and the Bible is true!”

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