Only God

Only God
by Dwight Mason

God’s story is big, magnificent, noble, heroic, beyond your imagination…  Yet He invites you to write with Him, to obey Him and create a story He can use to transform the world.

No matter what has happened to you.  No matter how old you are.  No matter how young you are.  No matter how you have failed.  No matter how broken you feel.  No matter how hard you have already tried.  You have a colossal chronicle within you, just waiting to be written.

Experience firsthand how Only God can use you – and the local church – to impact people, communities, the world… in an extraordinary way.  You’ll come away with a renewed sense of purpose as you read Dwight Mason’s powerful, life-altering message of hope.  Get ready to let God work in and through you to change your world!

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