Overcoming Toxic Parenting

Overcoming Toxic Parenting
By Rick Johnson

Parenting is hard enough when you had good role models in your own parents.  But what if your parents were absent, neglectful, or abusive?  Are you doomed to repeat their mistakes with your own children?  As a parenting expert and someone who experienced negative parenting, Rick Johnson answers that question with an emphatic “No!”

Anyone can be a good parent, even if they didn’t have one.  Johnson shows anxious readers how to identify the ways in which their past experiences affect their own parenting choices.  Then he walks them through the process of healing the emotional and spiritual wounds toxic parenting has left behind.  Finally, he outlines healthy habits and practices to take the place of the negative ones that may have been modelled for them.

Any parent who worries about whether they can break the cycle of abuse, neglect, or absenteeism will find in Rick a sympathetic companion on the road to creating a positive family environment now and for the future.

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