By Eugene Cho

Many people today talk about justice but are they living justly?  They want to change the world but are they being changed themselves?

Eugene Cho has a confession: “I like to talk about changing the world but I don’t really like to do what it takes.”  If this is true of the man who founded the One Day’s Wages global antipoverty movement, then what must it take to act on one’s ideals?  Cho does not doubt the sincerity of those who want to change the world.  But he fears that today’s wealth of resources and opportunities could be creating “the most overrated generation in history.  We have access to so much but end up doing so little.”

He came to see that he, too, was overrated. As Christians, Cho writes, “our calling is not simply to change the world but to be changed ourselves.”  In Overrated, Cho shows that it is possible to move from talk to action.

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