Perfect Love

perfect-lovePerfect Love
By Joyce Meyer

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.  God loves you perfectly, all the time.  But if you sometimes feel unworthy, struggle with self-doubt, or believe He’s mad at you, Joyce Meyer, #1 New York Times bestselling author, wants to help you embrace the power of knowing God’s total acceptance.  No matter what you have done or where you are in your life’s journey, you are meant to receive this gift.  God’s Word says that His love for you is unchanging and He loves you simply because He wants to.

In PERFECT LOVE, Joyce reveals how you can develop the certainty that God loves you fully and unconditionally-right now.  Combining her own personal experience with biblical insights, she’ll help you increase your understanding of God’s genuine character so that you can live more fully, enjoy a lasting sense of confidence, and experience His love on an entirely new level.

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