Prayer Altars

prayer-altarsPrayer Altars
by John Mulinde & Mark Daniel.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  You really need to get your hands on this book, that is, if you care passionately about your family, your church and your nation and yearn to see real changes take place!  This is an investment (RM25 nett) that is really worth it.  It will inspire you to see that you, as an ordinary Christian, can play a vital role in the shaping of family, church and our beloved nation.  And you don’t have to be a leader to have an impact on something as big as the kingdom of God and the future of our land.

This book lays out a strategy that is simple and yet effective – it has been tried and tested in Uganda and other parts of the world with results to prove that it works.  You can be the change agent in the spiritual atmosphere in your home, your church and in your nation.  Read it with a highlighter in hand because there are so many quotable quotes of spiritual truths in this book that you don’t want to forget.

We highly recommend this book and our prayer is that every Christian in Malaysia will set up a prayer altar and if it has been broken down, to build it again.

Rev. Dr. John Mulinde is the Founder and International Director of World Trumpet Mission and was the main speaker at “Awakening Malaysia” in PJ in 2013.

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