Quit Church

Quit Church
By Chris Sonksen

Let’s face it.  Church isn’t working.  We hear sermons about the abundant life Jesus promised, but how many of us are actually living it?  How many of our churches are thriving?  How many people in our congregations are experiencing God’s blessings?  Maybe it’s time to call it quits.

Quit church?  Well, not exactly. 

Drawing from his experience coaching hundreds of churches toward true growth, Chris Sonksen calls on us to quit our casual, cultural commitment to church as we know it.  No more half-hearted attempts to win the favor of God and other people by doing the right thing.  No more doing things out of a sense of duty.  Instead, Sonksen reveals the spiritual habits that release the blessings of God, both on each individual and on the church.  He explains why we struggle to put these practices into action and gives practical solutions to move us forward into health, growth, and maturity.

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