Raising Passionate Jesus Followers

Raising Passionate Jesus Followers
By Phil and Diane Comer

For Christian parents, there is no greater joy than seeing their children learn to walk with the Lord.  And there is no greater fear than that their children will walk away from God.

After serving together in pastoral ministry for forty years, Phil and Diane Comer know those hopes and fears well.  Thirty-seven years ago, they became parents themselves.  And like all new parents, they were intimidated and unsure about how to take on the task of spiritually training their young children.

Now, with all four of their children grown and establishing their own households of faith, Phil and Diane have embarked on a quest to help the next generation of parents raise passionate Jesus followers.  Drawing on years of pastoral counseling, teaching, leading, and decades of watching families from the perspective of pastors and leaders in ministry, Phil and Diane instruct, guide, encourage, and offer hope and practical help to Christian parents.


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