Rethinking Retirement

rethinking-retirementRethinking Retirement
By John Piper

Retirement.  They say it’s your reward for all those years of labor: “Trade in your time card!  Sit back and enjoy!  Golf-course comforts and beachfront leisure await!”  But sexagernarian John Piper counters with a plea that hopes all fellow baby boomers will echo: “Lord, spare me this curse!”   With millions of Christians formally retiring with a good twenty years ahead of them, what will it mean to live those final years for the glory of Christ?  “How will we live them in such a way as to show,” asks Piper, “that Christ is our highest Treasure?”

Rather than buying into the dulling mind-set of the American dream, take up God’s dream for your golden years instead.  Let Rethinking Retirement show you the way to growing old with godly zeal.

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