By Lance Ford

When you hear the word evangelical, do you think “good news”?  That’s what the word means, and it’s what we are meant to be.  Yet the surrounding culture often views us as exactly the opposite.  Calling yourself an evangelical too often means you are seen through a negative stereotype; people are apprehensive when they hear that an evangelical family has moved into the neighborhood.  But is this the way it has to be?  What would it look like if evangelical Christians were joyfully living out the gospel in such a way that the culture had no choice but to recognize us as Good News people?

Revangelical is a call to realign your heart with the things that most concerned Jesus – a bold message to get the Good News of the gospel of Jesus back into our heads, hearts, mouths, and feet.  Full of stories of evangelicals who are living out the Good News and changing the world, Revangelical will inspire and equip us to relearn the heart of the gospel and to become the people God has called us to be.

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