Rewire Your Heart

Rewire Your Heart: Replace Your Desire for Sin with Desire For God
By David Bowden

Many Christians believe the only way to fight sin is to grit our teeth, strengthen our resolve, and rise above the onslaught of temptation.  But in reality, we have a far better weapon in our struggle with sin than the will-power mantras associated with diet and exercise.  This weapon is not saying “no” to sin but saying “yes” to God.  In Rewire Your Heart, David Bowden helps us discover God’s plan to overcoming sin by rewiring our desires with the Gospel.  When we invite the Holy Spirit to transform our underlying affections with the good news of Jesus, we begin to break free from the patterns of sin, guilt, and determination, and discover the richer fulfillment found in joyfully obeying God’s commands.

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