Salt, Light and Cities On Hills

salt-light-and-cities-on-hillsSalt, Light and Cities On Hills
By Melvin Tinker

Is it possible to co-ordinate evangelism and social action in such a way that it reflects faithfully the pattern of the New Testament; enabling each to reinforce the other while avoiding the extremes of exclusive gospel proclamation on the one hand and the collapsing of evangelism into social action on the other?  How has the present situation of tension and controversy amongst evangelicals on this issue come about? Are there lessons which we can learn from our evangelical forebears?  How does what they believed and acted contrast with their 21st century theological offspring?  What might a biblically shaped and theologically informed co-ordination between evangelistic activity and social action look like on the ground in 21st century Britain?  These are some of the questions Melvin Tinker explores in this book in the hope of moving beyond caricatured, entrenched positions to a better rounded and clearly recognizable evangelical appreciation

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