Slings And Stones

By Mike Rakes

OVERCOME your personal mind wars.

YOU ARE IN AN INTERNAL WAR with an invisible giant who is relentlessly assaulting your thoughts, draining your energy, and keeping you from living a meaningful life. Deep down you’re a lover of God and are aware of your incredible potential, but you’ve run into an intimidating giant that has you blocked.  

Negative thoughts are like invisible giants that live in the mind. Your thoughts will either strengthen or undermine the courage and confidence of your heart. They don’t carry swords and spears, but they sabotage your thinking and keep you from God’s best.

You can defeat these giants for good.

Slings and Stones looks at the classic underdog story of David and Goliath to help you see that you can be like young David, who defeated his giant. You can deconstruct the negative thoughts and attitudes that have infiltrated your mind, face down your giants, and triumphantly take hold of God’s plan for your life.

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