Spiritual Grit

Spiritual Grit : A Journey Into Endurance. Character. Confidence. Hope.
By Rick Lawrence

Why do some people thrive in the midst of great challenges, and others don’t?

The answer is grit: the strength at our core that fuels a scrappy response to threats, fear, confusion, and pain.  Best-selling books and viral TED Talks have launched the study of resilience into the stratosphere, touting grit as the tool for personal and professional success. 

But Rick Lawrence, ministry leader, podcast host, and author of The Jesus-Centered Life, has discovered gaping holes in the conversation about grit.  Two factors that are central to growing a gritty core have remained under the radar: 1) A passion for something higher than yourself, and 2) Everyday life practices that help us nurture the strength we need to move through whatever life throws at us.

Spiritual Grit explores the foundation for our perseverance in life, then offers an extensive menu of everyday life practices that Jesus modeled in his ministry.  Over and over, Jesus was determined to develop “core strength” in the people who sought his help – even as he cared for them, he injected hardship into their lives rather than removed it.  He did it by inviting risk, vulnerability, courage, and responsibility.  Lawrence offers a life-changing, practical pathway toward greater endurance, confidence, and character.

Spiritual Grit delivers:

  •  Ways to access the strength needed to live a resilient life, through a dependent relationship with Jesus
  • Biblical stories of those who grew a “grit backbone” through their interactions with Jesus
  • A menu of life habits that fertilize grit, plus a method for identifying habits that undermine it
  •  A way for readers to assess their own spiritual grit

Without Jesus, grit is just a gimmick.  With Jesus, grit can infuse the world – and our lives – with hope.

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