Stay Salt

Stay Salt
By Rebecca Manley Pippert

Winner of Evangelism & Apologetics category in The Gospel Coalition Book Awards 2020

Helps Christians to share their faith in today’s world confidently and effectively.

The world has changed in so many ways, and many of us no longer feel confident when it comes to evangelism, especially with the rise of hostility towards Christian points of view.  Keeping quiet is becoming our default position.  Yet the world has not changed in one way—it still needs Jesus.

Renowned evangelist Becky Pippert draws on decades of conversations about Christianity around the world to call and equip ordinary Christians to share Jesus through their ordinary day-to-day conversations.  She shows that by leaning on our extraordinary God, such conversations can, and often do, have extraordinary results.   They will transform hearts, transform society, and transform the world!

Weaving Bible teaching with compelling stories, ‘Stay Salt’ is the next-generation ‘Out of the Saltshaker’ for this new era.  It will give readers the confidence to share Jesus like Jesus — relevantly, thoughtfully, and effectively.

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