Strangers At My Door

strangers-at-my-doorStrangers At My Door
By Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Jesus Told Us Where to Find Him.  Just Look for an Outcast.

His first followers knew that Jesus could be found with the fatherless, the widows, and the hungry and homeless.  He said that he himself was a stranger, and commended those who welcomed him.  If he really meant these things, what would happen if you opened your door to every person who came with a need?  

Jonathan and Leah Wilson-Hartgrove decided to find out.  The author and his wife moved to the Walltown neighborhood in Durham, North Carolina, where they have been answering the door to anyone who knocks.  When they began, they had little idea what might happen, but they counted on God to show up.

In Strangers at My Door, Wilson-Hartgrove tells of risks and occasional disappointments.  But far more often there is joy, surprise, and excitement as strangers become friends, mentors, and helpers.  Immerse yourself in these inspiring, eye-opening accounts of people who arrive with real needs, but ask only for an invitation to come in.

You will never view Jesus and the people he cares about the same way again.

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