Struggling To Forgive

struggling-to-forgiveStruggling To Forgive
By Sue Atkinson

Forgiveness is a central tenet of the Christian faith and yet it is so difficult to embrace and put into practise.  With sensitivity and grace, Dr Sue Atkinson explores what it means.  The example of Christians forgiving others is often heralded as one of the great signs of Christian love and yet the call to forgive can have a darker side, particularly for victims of injustice and trauma as it can add to their despair and guilt if they do not feel love or the ability to forgive.  Well-meaning Christians can make their situation worse with insensitivity and bluntness.

In this timely and empathetic book, full of anecdote, story and illustration, Dr Sue Atkinson, tackles what the call to forgive really means.  What do we really do when we forgive?  Exploring Jesus teaching about forgiveness and justice, she explodes myths and outlines practical ways in which we can let go of resentments.  Highly accessible and sensitive this important book will be a means of grace and comfort for those embracing the challenges of forgiveness.

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