The Entitlement Cure

the-entitlement-cureThe Entitlement Cure
By Dr. John Townsend

Today we live in a culture that says, “Life should be easy and work well.”  This attitude, called entitlement, influences our most important institutions: family, business, church, and government.  Its devastating effects contribute to relational problems, work ethic issues, and emotional struggles.

Drawing from his experience as a counselor and leadership consultant, renowned psychologist andNew York Times bestselling author Dr. John Townsend explores strategies for fighting entitlement, such as:

•   Take a meaningful risk every week
•   Find ways to minimize regret
•   Grasp the value of keeping inconvenient commitments
•   Understand why saying “I don’t know” is the first step toward success.

In a culture that encourages shortcuts and irresponsibility, The Entitlement Cure provides principles and skills to help you both navigate life with those around you who have an entitlement mindset and identify areas in your own life where you are stuck in “easy way” living.  Dr. Townsend will show you how to become successful, resolve obstacles in life, and help those around you.

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