The Fabric Of Faithfulness

the-fabric-of-faithfulnessThe Fabric Of Faithfulness
By Steven Garber

All kinds of important choices are made during the college years.  Young men and women explore what they really believe about the nature of the world and the purpose of life.  They choose their work.  They build friendships and often choose to marry.  They develop goals and adopt habits that may last a lifetime.

Yet late modernity is not a welcome environment for emotional, intellectual and spiritual formation.  Society is increasingly fragmented.  And the educational system itself, fragmented and specialized, may disintegrate more than it integrates.

How do parents, professors, campus ministers, youth pastors and others help students, during one of the most eventful and intense periods of life, learn to connect what they believe about the world with how they live in it?  Steven Garber vigorously engages just that question in this revised edition that includes a new chapter on what he has learned about lifelong formation in the years since the book first appeared.  Drawing on the history of ideas, ethics, sociology and popular culture, he offers must-reading on the critical lifework of making sense of life.

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